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What Is Photography To Me

A stream of assimilated conscious and subconscious thought, molded into what we perceive as "idea" and then focused through a conduit (The photographer) & further channeled through a Tool (The camera).

As technical as photography is i often feel like a vessel for idea's that simply are not my own. Or perhaps they've become my own? Perhaps they're all of ours.

This feeling.. telling me when, where and how to take a photo. One would say this is merely experience and technique but i'd argue that it might be far more than that.

The process of photography could be considered technical for some and mystical to others.

In essence is a camera really so different  than that of a wand? A tool used to focus conscious string of thought into existence.

Isn't photography merely invoking momentary permanence?

Isn't photo development manifestation of intent?

Aren't thoughts and idea's merely just spells waiting to be conjured?

Yes we understand the technological nature of photography but there's a formula, a method to creation for everything that exists whether we understand it or not. This includes magic if you believe in such a thing.

Do i believe in the mystic? I believe in photography and the two are only differentiated by varying degrees of perception. Structurally there is little difference.

So what does photography mean to me? Well for a time it would be known as magic, Today its simply known as photography.


My Style

I’m a Digital & Film photographer/cinematographer currently based in Atlanta Georgia.

I'm known for experimental, portraiture, documentary, fine art & cinematic photography. 

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