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Astro Genesis
My first attempt at Astro photography
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16th Street Monolith
I made this photo when visiting Denver for the first time. It was a very difficult and isolating trip but as I explored the 16th street mall i came across this
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Withered Reflections
My life withers into nothing as my mistakes here are seen reflected in the lake of my past. I believed that there was another world that lay before me, a bette
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Deeper Down: Journey Into The Abyss
This piece represents the internal fears, anxiety and trauma of the self. A gateway to the farthest reaches of my mind, and a journey into the deepest depths o
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Fading Mountain Of The Black Sky
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Cabin Of Sorrow
This photo was made during my first trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee. The dark and gloomy atmosphere of this piece represents more than just my style but the weigh
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