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Waiting Afterlife (Limited Edition)

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This piece represents an abstract manifestation of me trying to cope with depression & thoughts of suicide. Before I made this photo I’d been struggling with these thoughts to a great extent as I was being overwhelmed by the struggles of life and my own mental health obstacles. The closer i got to those frightening thoughts the more it felt like I was i peering over into the abyss… into the afterworld. The last place I ever wanted to go but the only place i often times feel welcome. 

It’s strange and unsettling feeling like the one place you never want to go is the only place you might find peace. This piece represents the ramifications of what those thoughts could mean if brought to their full conclusion.

This photo tells the haunting and tragic story of those that wait in the afterworld when those thoughts are brought to their full conclusion. My heart goes out to them, their loved ones as well as any and all that wrestle with such terrifying thoughts. I love you.

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