About Me

My name is Nilus J. Dantes. I'm a black and white photographer that's based in Seattle WA. B&W is very special to me and exists as more than just a style but a necessary balance to the world of photography. Good and evil, light and shadow, day & night... These innate and yet important fundamentals of life exist as contrast in its purist form and black and white photography serves as an extension of these tethered extremes.

These are a few of many reasons why my heart gravitates toward Black and White as the allure of balance found here is irresistible. When shooting my intent is often to transform the grounded into the fantastical.

As i shoot black and white and delve further and further into this visceral style of photography i am simultaneously enhancing the beauty of all things color in this world, from the sky above me to the work of other artists around me. Black and white photography is a balance to my mind, heart & soul.

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